The Adventures of Ninja Boy

Born with knowledge of the ancient arts of stealth and secrecy, Ninja Boy, may either by the world's worst enemy, or its best hope...

Velociraptor cake

After watching a birthday episode of Dinosaur Dan on TVO, NB announced back in July or August that he wanted a Velociraptor birthday cake.  I believe Dinosaur Dan had a stegosaurus cake but not having watched the episode or seen the cake I don't know.
I thought in a week or a month his mind might change on what he wanted in a cake.  However, after the mention of different people's birthdays he kept mentioning that he wanted a velociraptor cake.  Time to brain storm. I knew my artistic skills weren't going to allow me to draw a facsimile that was more than the a blob with legs (it could be a therapod if you squint right). Maybe fondant, more of the same.
Time to hint pinterest.
Surprisingly there weren't many velociraptor cakes pinned there. There was this fossil one that I loved (but figured this isn't what NB had in mind). I then found this cake which seemed much more doable. I should probably mention in here, that the cake would be served in Toronto so it needed to be somewhat portable.

So I first made a flat chocolate cake (cause what soon to be 4 yo doesn't want chocolate cake for his birthday)
For the volcano (didn't I mention the Volcano), I bake Red Velvet cake into a mason jar, and a couple of ramekins. The rest I made into cupcakes.
When the cakes had cooled I made some icing, I left the crumb coat white, and tinted the rest. I then sketched a scene.
Added some colour. (I put graham crackers over the path). At this point the cake travelled to Toronto

I leveled one of the red velvet ramekins, iced with chocolate and added to the cake.  I repeated with the mason jar red velvet cupcake.  If I do this again I will put in a wooden skewer to secure the cake layers. The geological landscape was unstable and the volcano collapsed before the cake was served. 

Lava was added to the volcano, the velociraptor, and some candied chocolate rocks. 

It was a big hit and the little boy loved his cake, and couldn't wait to eat it. 

I should mention that the only time NB had wavered on the Velociraptor cake theme was after seeing Aunt Emily's cake which he thought had a spider on it.  So he thought a spider fighting a scorpion would be a good birthday cake.  I disagreed.

Ball Hockey

A short video of some ball hockey going on in the kitchen.


Christmas 2010 In Pictures

Opened stocking full of toy dinosaurs.

Played flashlights with Grandma M.

Cousin cuddles!

Making funny faces at Cornwell Christmas.

Wearing the Pollyanna top hat.

Playing Wii with the Big Kids.

Falling asleep on the way home.

The holidays approach

Ninja Boy is a great help in the kitchen.

Well this statement needs a little qualification.  He likes to help bake items, he likes to remind me that things need to be baked.  So as the Cookie season is approaching, I decided to branch out from the muffins that we normally make and bake some cookies.

Adding butter

We can't be done

My fingers are green

A little if this, a lot of that

The final masterpieces

More cookies will be made, just did a small amount today to see how it goes (there is dough left in the fridge).

October Fun

For Ninja Boy October Fun is all about:

Apple picking!

Leaf jumping!

Papa playing!

Birthday caking!

And chocolate chomping!

Isaac dancing

I just love this. The off-beat clapping makes me giggle.

Happy Second Birthday

Wow, the past year just flew by. My little boy went from

Sitting in leaves


Sitting in pile of leaves

Running through the leaves
MMM chocolate

With Aunt Sia

I just want to eat it, 

Playing in the corn
Too cool
"I ride on Daddy's shoulders, I can almost touch the sky"